Friday, July 6, 2012

The Fourth

We had the best fourth of July.  We spent it with this fun family below, it was all sort of impromptu, but it was a blast.  Canon was in class with their oldest and Quinn was in class with their middle child...and their baby boy, makes me wanna have another!  Quinn and Caroline are BFF's for sure, when they get together the squeals are almost deafening! 

Sweet family!

I found all these crazy glow sticks, we were lighting up the whole park when we went to watch fireworks.
that's Canon!
Aidan and Daddy they created this cool firework out of the flower connection, so inventive!
The flower in action

Aidan had on 3D swim goggles....silly boy!

The fireworks were amazing and we popped Pop It's the whole way back to the car, everyone LOVED us! Hahaha

Big girl hair

Quinn went with mommy to get her hair done......she just was getting a trim, but Mrs. Janene was so sweet she french braided it too.....Quinn was so proud!

Blueberry Picking

So my good buddy Summer decided to invite us blueberry picking.  It was so much fun to spend the day with her and Quinn found her new calling.  She was a blueberry picking machine!  The boys liked it too and we ended up having ice cream with another friend of mine from work.  It was such a fun day! 

Making Waves

This summer has been all about the pool and it's been so much fun.  All 3 kiddos are now officially swimming which makes it even more fun.  We have had tons of water balloon fights (thanks for the great filler Aunt Ashley and Uncle Chris) and lots of friends of course.  Quinn literally wasn't swimming one day and was the next and she is a fish! 2020 Olympics watch out!

Just having fun

We are finding ourselves keeping busy with all kinds of fun, like hanging out at the Children's Museum

And blowing bubbles along with lots of other things...I love summer and having all the kiddos home all the time.....

Summer "school"

This is what summer bridge learning is looking like at our house.  My friend suggested this online school that she uses year round for homeschooling and so we signed up for a language arts class to try it out.  Aidan LOVES it.  He came in from swimming the other day to do a live lesson, where they interact with their class and teacher.. not a bad way to do "school"

American Ninja Warriors

When G-Pa's complete ninja set came for Canon the kiddos were over the moon.  You see we have been a little addicted to American Ninja Warrior, so of course they all had to gear up.  

Then Aidan went and got into his Halloween costume from last year!
What's so funny about this video is, my dad was texting me, I hope nothing is dangerous, I'd feel so bad if they got hurt...and I replied, Oh no not at all, their own body parts are more dangerous than these toys......then whack!  I sent him this video and said, maybe i should be afraid! :) she was ok, of course!